Welcome to Hobart Dizziness Clinic

We provide expert physiotherapy assessment and management of vertigo, dizziness and balance dysfunction. Typical conditions we treat include BPPV, persistent posturo perceptual dizziness (PPPD), vestibular neuronitis/labrynthitis, vestibular hypofunction, post concussion, vestibular migraine…

We offer both out of hours home visits and clinic visits. Call via Participate Tasmania Physiotherapy practice if you would like to arrange a visit. Or book online using the button to bottom right. Select “Physiotherapy Senior (Dizziness)”. Hobart Dizziness Clinic partners with Participate Tasmania to provide ethical, effective and empathetic services.

Call – (03) 6237 0008

However, you should present immediately to Emergency if you experience any of the following with your dizziness:

  • sudden onset severe headache

  • double vision (not spinning)

  • tingling in the face

  • facial asymmetry

  • difficulty talking

  • weakness on one side of your body

  • sudden and complete unilateral hearing loss

  • any other symptom suggestive of a stroke


If on the other hand, you get dizzy:

  • rolling in bed, turning over, sitting up or lying down

  • it only lasts for a few seconds to a minute

  • it is very intense and happens each time you go to move

THEN you should DEFINITELY come in – there is a high chance there is a quick and easy solution. 

Observing eye movement is a key tool for diagnosis and management of your dizziness. If you are able to, please video your eyes whilst you are experiencing your dizziness.